A Cooker Guide

Cooker, barbecue, grill, pit, smoker – the range of live fire cooking options can be bewildering, but how do they actually differ and what should be the next addition to your collection?

The Stall

Even when you’ve completed a few long cooks and are expecting it, the phenomenon known as the stall will often have you second guessing yourself.

O Churrasco

It doesn’t look like a barbecue joint until you see rows of chickens on spits above a bed of coals, and realise the place is literally called “The Barbecue”.

Matas Snack Bar

The kind of place you would stop for an afternoon beer, offering a selection of simple lunch plates including a range of grilled fish and other seafood.

Frangasqueira Nacional

If you research places to eat barbecue in Lisbon it won’t take you long to discover Frangasqueira Nacional, the best place in town to eat grilled chicken.

Floresta das Escadinhas

A little eatery just off the main tourist trails in central Lisbon with a pleasingly simple menu and a nice big charcoal grill right by the entrance.

Casa Da India

Casa da India serves up straightforward but delicious Portuguese food and is highly recommended by Lisboetas. Take a look at their grill in action.

Hien Homestay

Vietnam's Mekong Delta feels a long way from home, whether it's the sights and smells or what's cooking on the grill. Check out barbecued rat and snake