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Wanderlust? Just hungry? We’ve got you covered.


At Riley Barbecue we want to learn, to discover and to experiment with live fire cooking. There are four key steps:

Travel: Go somewhere new, get immersed in the local culture, head off the beaten track, fill up that passport.

Eat: Be adventurous, order something unfamiliar, eat well and often. If you can smell wood smoke, you’re doing it right.

Learn: Speak to the chefs, pitmasters, jerkmen. Understand how the location influences the flavours and techniques.

Barbecue: Armed with this knowledge, return home and inject a whole new level of taste and soul into your backyard cooking.


Street food
Glazing ribs

If you head on over to the blog you’ll find a whole section of ‘restaurant’ reviews, a few city guides with some (hopefully) helpful travel tips along with some general musings about kit, techniques and essential barbecue accompaniments. No, not potato salad, more along the lines of beers and tunes.

In the classics section are a compendium of introductions to the classic barbecue dishes you’ll have tried at your local smokehouse and will want to have a go at in your backyard. Central Texas beef brisket, Carolina-style pulled pork, Memphis babyback ribs. We also take a look at direct-heat staples like burgers, grilled chicken and steaks. And then there are those inspired by our travels like grilled fish Lisbon-style and Malaysian satay.

Finally in the tools section we take a look at what you need to get up and running. The market for barbecue paraphernalia has exploded in recent years and it’s easy to forget that this is supposed to be an ultra simple method of cooking. Have a look at our suggestions of kit that will make your barbecue life easier, tastier and safer.

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